Consultation Groups 2012

The reading and studying of articles and literature that broadened my field of knowledge – this is not something that I necessarily would have done on my own and the group discussions, perspectives and the discussion of case work relating to the reading was stimulating and informative/educational.

Elize Morkel is a reputable teacher.  Her knowledge, skills and commitment to the work as well as her sincere interest in her students and her enthusiasm in general, places her equal with the best in the field.

Elize is an excellent facilitator! I never attended a session without learning something/thought about something again/applying something.

I enjoyed the articles and discussions, particularly unpacking and reflecting on some of the practical applications of narrative theory.  It was also very useful to learn from other participants case discussions.

Case presentations.  I always find it helps to hear about other peoples struggles . Ideas generated by Elize and group make for good learning opportunities.