Consultation Groups 2013

It is hard to describe the sense of community and support that we share in the Consultation Groups. This has been a very special year for us. We read and discussedNarrative Practice, Continuing the Conversations by Michael White which contains the unpublished final writings of this great thinker and practitioner. It has been a way in which to re-connect with Michael’s work, but also a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our own practice in the light of his teaching which continues to influenced us so profoundly.

The case examples which were prepared with great care and presented with such thoughtfulness by group members astounded me. Month after month I left the Consultation Group meetings with an over-whelming sense of gratitude and joy as the deep and far-reaching influence of Narrative Practices in the lives and work of colleagues and clients became evident. What a pleasure to see the work come alive in couples counselling, community work, family work, consultations with children and in conversations with adults who often suffer the effect of long-standing psychiatric problems and trauma. The creative and innovative applications of narrative practices took my breath away. I learned so much and feel exceptionally blessed for being able to share in this community of colleagues.