Intensive workshop Durban October 2012

he practical examples really illustrated the theoretical material.  Wonderful to see experts at work.

The generosity and enthusiasm of the presentation was uplifting.

Your skill as a teacher.  Your deep respect for difference and your ability to hold it all together made the experience enriching.

The very clear shift in seeing landscape of action as being as important as landscape of meaning rather than merely serving landscape of meaning.

The overwhelming value of note taking.

The value and usefulness of Therapeutic documents.

The clear sense that finding pathology is helpful but not the main part of helping people to move to a more preferred story.

The value of Narrative Practice for community work in the South African context.

It was incredibly refreshing to have a similar level of teaching as Freedman & Combs gave with the added advantage of being deeply grounded in the South African context and refreshing South African values.

Your depth of skill on multiple levels.  Interesting and engaging and clarity of teaching. Ability to connect with us each as individuals.  The power of the work revealed via on-site live demos/case studies/attention to detail and nuance.

I need wow to read on narrative therapy and you have inspired me to do so.  Thank you for your very relaxed and yet focused way of presenting this new learning to me.