Intensive Workshop SW June 2012

This workshop definitely added more value to my life.  I need to mention that all sessions were well planned, informative and you as the presenter, were extremely well prepared.  I thank you for touching my life.

I was very sceptical in the beginning.  I thought this would be another week of just learning a new technique that is only suitable for specific situations.  I was pleasantly surprised.  This is a wonderful course and I think you Elize made it even more interesting.  You are well equipped and know what you are talking about.  Thank you for enriching my life.

A sincere word of appreciation for the way that you contained, taught and shared your experiences, the way you acknowlege the founders and other disciples of this modality – speaks to you not only teaching but your embodying the modality as a “way of being”.  Thank you Elize – you are a blessing and I know that through your work and teaching you are not only expanding the narrative community but also make significant contributions to it.