Intensive Workshop, SW November 2009

What participants found useful:

The constant reflection on what took place, the balance btween information giving and application and the narrative way of equipping the group with knowledge.

Thank you Elize for being so ‘in touch with yourself’ and transparent in front of us modelling that you make so many choices in positioning yourself as a therapist and presenting us so well with the narrative approach to life.

Enjoyed your facilitation style, as it put participants at ease and created space to formulate responses in our own minds.

This workshop has affirmed and solidified long held beliefs about ways of being with others. It has given me a framework from which to express these beliefs. It has also challenged and stretched me in very useful ways.  Thank you for bringing us this work in such a passionate, respectful way.

The exercises were well thought out, thought provoking and excellent examples were used.&nbsp The theory was well presented and in short enough fragments so that I could stay focused.

I would recommend this workshop to colleagues. It is very challenging to people who struggle to think out of the box, but I found it very affirming and encouraging in my personal life as well as my professional life.

Elize’s insight, awareness, energy and warmth is very inspiring – thank you for giving so much of yourself.

I would like to express my profound sentiments of gratitude to Elize in the respectful and lively manner the workshop was conducted.&nbsp I will definitely be back for more.

This is my first time enjoying a workshop and feeling so comfortable within a group setup.

Thank you Elize for giving such an informative workshop.&nbsp I found it an excellent learning opportunity and a good balance was created in terms of theory, practical and reflection.