Intensive Workshop SW November 2010

Feedback from Participants:


I think this program provides an excellent example of what ongoing professional education should be like a blend of theoretical input, practical application and the opportunity for professional sharing.

This was a memorable and truly wonderful week on all levels. Elize your understated expertise – which made everything look so easy – and your compassion without difficulties and generosity in sharing your monumental knowledge set the tone for the week. For me it provided the ultimate corrective emotional experience. It was a week of companionship, sisterhood and great learning.  Thank you.

Elize’s authenticity is confirmed in her passion for Narrative Therapy work.&nbsp Her respect for people and her wonderful attitude that she doesn’t know everything.

Thank you for honest consistent systematic and meaningful learning environment, also nurturing and giving hope for more helpful ways of dealing with client’s problems.

It was lovely to have the garden to sit in everyday. The consistency of involvement and delivery of this course by Elize.&nbsp The group involvement was appreciated.

I celebrate the meaningfulness of this work, the “attempt to fully understand” and the effort put into trying to get closer to understand.