Intensive workshop SW November 2012

Elize is a brilliant trainer.  She is ever mindful of tracking each persons individual progress while still holding the group together.  Her humour makes her easier to connect with, and brings a refreshing and enlivening energy to the training.

Elize used practical examples and her own life experiences, as well as breaking the theory into smaller parts along with the daily reading!  This clarified and simplified a rather complex theory.

Elize is an excellent presented and really knowledgeable and experienced and well-read on the theory of NT.  Despite a difficult year she gave it her best and was still energetic and passionate re NT.  Her passion and transparency is refreshing and inspiring!  Lovely location!

I particularly found the interviews in the session between Elize and a group member very helpful to understand the approach.  The small group exercises were also so useful to come to grasps with concepts.  I also enjoyed Elize’s teaching style which was clear and interesting.  Also the inputs by other group members were useful.  I didn’t expect to find so much that was helpful to my personal life – thank you very much for this – it has made a huge difference to a difficult circumstance I am currently facing.

Just such a very helpful course and I hope in time to attend a Level 2 course! Thank you also for the assistance it has given me in preparing for my research project next year.

Reading work allowed for theory to be incorporated in a manageable and systematic manner.  Practical exercises ensured that participants experience the manner of working from both therapist and clients perspective which was very useful.

The various levels on which Elize encourages the participants to engage – as individuals, as members of various communities, as therapists etc. causes growth and potential for further development to be identified and activated on these various levels.