Intensive Workshop Tableview 2007

I hosted the Intensive workshop in Table View from 29 October to 2 November 2007 on the invitation of Janet By the way, psychologist from the Blaauwberg Therapy Centre. We managed to get 18 participants together and had a great week of learning and sharing.

Dear ElizeThanks again for a wonderful week of experiencing and learning. I was delighted to repeat a course and to experience something quite different from my first time round. I was able to connect with the material you offered at a very different level. A lot of concepts that I have only had a fingernail grip on before now feel more firmly in my grasp. I felt as though this weeks experience has allowed me to trade in my rough chisel for finer tools.

I appreciated the doing learning -the exercises really do allow one to experience the work in a way that theory can never communicate. I always enjoy the examples of your own work that you bring which makes the work come alive for me. From a practical point of view, the daily timing was great. The tea and lunch breaks were well timed and the day ended before it felt too long.

Elize you really are an inspiration to me. The manner in which you walk the talk of your life is something that I aspire to. I am looking forward to doing supervision with you next year and feel excited at the prospect of new discoveries.

With love


” It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness” (Quaker proverb)