Introduction Workshop, George November 2011

I found everything beneficial –  the theory and practical examples. The stories of Elize and her clients, people in her life, the table exercises, reading the material at home and the video with Stephen and David.

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I’ve been able to thicken and understand my current problem but also start working on my alternative story. My hope levels have risen.

Thank you for your collaborative style of pesenting the workshop.&nbsp It allowed us to draw on our own knowledge and skills and validated us and the work we do. I found this very educational.

Baie goeie aanbieding. Van die min kursusses/sessies waar ek nog half 4 op ‘n Vrydag-middag met begrip luister. Sterkte met die res van jou planne. Hoop om binnekort weer opleiding met jou by te woon.

Thanks for reminding me again that as a therapist I don’t have to act as if I am a super human being that does not have my own struggles.

The workshop was presented in a very informal but professional manner. The presenter was very hands on. I thouroughly enjoyed and benefitted from the workshop. Thanx!