Kotze & Gaddis Workshop July 2011


I enjoyed the experiential nature of the workshop and also the detailed look at questions in therapy. We do not often get the chance to look at therapy practice in such detail.

I liked the way we were given opportunities to participate in formulating “the next small question” and the very practical “real live” examples of the way resonances can form or “seeds” be planted. Oh yes, and ideas for stretching the “outsider witness” idea in ways that are feasible in private practice.

By the time Elmarie and Steve had finished, I didn’t want either of them to go home, I just wanted to go on hearing them respond to people’s questions!

My favourite thing was when Steve honoured how difficult this work can be and gave us permission to make false steps by showing us a few of his own. I will always love him for doing that! As for Elmarie, she is just enchanting and I think we all fell under her spell. She has given me a language for speaking with clients about gender, what a wonderful gift for me and for them.

Elmarie & Steve’s rapport with one another and their differing styles of presentation made it easy and enjoyable to remain focused and interested. The topic itself is a huge one and I found it useful to break for discussion with the other participants to make sense as we went along.

I experienced this workshop and the interaction it produced as hugely supportive in my work.

I found the following useful in the workshop:

  • Gender presentation
  • The case studies and the opportunity to craft questions (very helpful)
  • Being made aware again of the powerful effects of outsider witnessing
  • Being able to participate with people from the narrative therapy community

Useful aspects of the workshop

  • The case studies
  • The opportunity for group work
  • The outsider witnessing
  • The scaffolding of small questions

To Elmarie – for your theory and generous sharing and heart

To Stephen – for your humility and willingness to show us your work

I enjoyed the ease of communication between Stephen and Elmarie. I valued that Elmarie shares her emotion – I told her a brief story of my difficult journey with patriarchy, she showed me a wonderful acknowledgement. Thank you Elmarie!