books_01I sell books from my office and also make these available at workshops. The Institute for Therapeutic Development (ITD) is the agent for Dulwich Centre Publications in South Africa. ITD also sells the Ethics Alive publications. I stock some of the these publications for ITD and sell it on their behalf to buy from me directly.

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I stock the publications of Johnella Bird, The Heart’s Narrative and Talk that Sings.


New on the Bookshelf

Constructing The Narrative In Supervision Johnella Bird )


Johnella Bird is already well-known for highly creative thinking that challenges the implicit rules governing therapeutic practice. In her new book, Constructing The Narrative In Super-vision, she leaves behind the traditional role of the authoritative expert ‘supervisor’ and presents a fresh approach to super-vision. This method emphasises the use of prismatic dialogue to evoke the voices of all the participants in counselling and super-vision. Johnella guides the reader through these practice-centred techniques, allowing for a genuine exploration of the dynamic interplay between participants’ subjective experiences and their theoretical and life knowledges. As always, Johnella is willing to confront and clarify the experiential nature of the power relation as it occurs within therapeutic and super-vision relationships.
Constructing The Narrative In Super-vision presents rich, illustrative material that effectively grounds the ideas and practices. Readers of Johnella’s earlier books will know how effectively she interweaves transcript and clinical scenarios into her writings. This book is relevant to all clinicians who participate in super-vision. Johnella demonstrates ways to expose different expectations, hopes and experiences within therapeutic and super-vision relationships while maintaining professional boundaries. These illustrations will assist all participants of super-vision to prepare for challenging or difficult conversations.

Maps of narrative practice ( Michael White )


In this long-awaited book, Michael White outlines the key maps of narrative practice – externalising, re-authoring, re-membering, definitional ceremonies, scaffolding conversations and ways of highlighting unique outcomes. This easy-to-read and yet rigorous book contains moving transcripts of conversations and detailed explanations of practice. This book pulls together and summarises the key therapeutic ideas and practices that have come to be known as narrative therapy. It is an ideal starting point for practitioners exploring narrative ideas but is also recommended for experienced narrative practitioners. This book is published by W.W. Norton.



Narrative Therapy with Children and their families ( Michael White and Alice Morgan )

mw_am_familiesThis long-awaited book brings together two popular authors – Michael White and Alice Morgan. Here they share stories from their counselling practice with children and their families and provide explanations of the thinking that shapes these conversations. Detailed explanations are provided of externalising practices, scaffolding conversations, ways of inviting significant others to act as an audience to consultations with children, and considerations relating to the position of the therapist. Moving and amusing stories of work with children and their families are also included and the following questions are considered: When there is conflict between parents and children, how can therapists create a context for collaboration? How can counsellors respond to children who have experienced significant trauma? When a therapy session with a child is going nowhere, what might be helpful to reflect upon? How can narrative practices shape child protection inquiries? If your work involves conversations with children, this easy-to-read and rigorous book, will prove to be a treasured companion.