Narrative Therapy Conference 2009

Theme of Conference: Narrative Therapy as Contextual Practice in South Africa

12 & 13 October 2009

Stellenberg Dutch Reformed Church, Eversdal, Cape Town




Narrative Therpay ripples in the South African Contexts – Presenters: Ferial Johnstone, Neil-Owen de Waal, Elize Morkel

Narrative Therapy ripples between South Africa and Norway – Presenters: Elizabeth Scrimgeour, Fran Tong and Norwegian Colleagues


Name of Presenters and Topics

Appelt, Ilse & Oosthuysen, Lucia – Restorative Justice as a vehicle of narrative practices

Barker, Kim – Creative responses to trauma: narratives and therapy

Barker, Kim – Narrative therapy in the context of religious fundamentalism

Berry, Sheila – Simbhademe – A story of what happens when six Pondo communities reclaim and redefine their identity

Biermann, Hugo – “Shattered dreams: pastoral care with parents following the death of a child”

Bustness, Ragnhild & Bustness, Gunnar – Metaphors from Michael White: landscape of action and landscape of identity

Bytheway, Janet – Making a little go a long way – Creative use of professional resources to provide therapeutic services to children in need.

Davies, Sally & Dunkey, Jenny – Parenting of Adolescents: A Collaborative Approach to Story Development

Hulme, Therese – When meaning-making turns to poetry: a cross-cultural journey with young people in a context of poverty.

Lasersohn, Brenda – Brain science: Resonance with the principles and practice of narrative thought

Malgas, Helen – Responding to people living with HIV/AIDS from a Narrative Therapy perspective

Morkel, Elize Johnstone, Ferial & de Waal, Neil-Owen – Plenay Session: Narrative Therapy Ripples in the South African Context

Nieuwmeyer, Sue – Narrative therapy in Hospice social work practice

Price, Linda – Narrative mediation – a transformative approach to conflict mediation

Reitan, Torila & Kristiansen, Lena – Facing family crisis: a group approach

Royston, Veronica – A personal journey in applying narrative practices to executive coaching within a SA multinational organization

Scrimgeour, Elizabeth Tong, Fran & Norwegian Colleagues – Plenary Session: Narrative Therapy ripples between South Africa and Norway

Solomons, Mita – The Spirit of the new Children’s Act, (38) 2005.

Spies, Nicki &amp Niehaus, Elonya – Creating Gender awareness within the working environment as expressed by dominant discourses

Spies, Nicki – Journeys into the garden of sexuality: The voices of women’s sexuality in pastoral conversations

Van Duuren, Linda &amp Schoeman, Helene – Responding to the work that finds you:Application of Narrative Practices in School Contexts

Van Greunen, Johann – Caring for Caregivers: The role of alternative practices in weaving new threads of meaning within the South African HIV/AIDS and TB Context

Van Wyk, Elise – When Mourning turns into Dancing – Outing stories of women who love women

Wallace, Stephen – ADD and Narrative Therapy

Whitehead, Beverley – Narrative practices in career enrichment and team development with a leadership team

Witney, Mike – “Loitering under the Tree of meaning in Loss”