Stephen Madigan’s workshop August 2014

Dr Stephen Madigan from Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy visited us for a second time this year in August to present two workshops.
The One-Day Level Two workshop was attended by 50 colleagues and was a wonderful learning experience in the discovery learning format. Participants agreed that they would like to have more of this kind of training in the future.
Stephen also offered a Two-Day workshop entitled Narrative therapy- theory, practice and skill development.

Some of the feedback received from participants to the workshops includes:

I am filled with excitement of new possibilities and deep gratitude for my time together with you, Stephen and the narrative community. I was thrilled by my learning and very touched by the gentle warmth and bright curiosity I
experienced in the group.
Katy Mennell

I found the whole experience very rich indeed, not only for the new ideas and approaches he introduced, but for the re-visiting of old ideas, but with fresh insight.  It also provided a wonderful opportunity to re-connect with old friends, and make new ones.  You have such a gift for nurturing connections, Elize
Celene Hunter

Thank you for all your work in bringing Steven out for a second time. He has been the most wonderful teacher with real effects on my practice. I found the Thursday absolutely brilliant and I am really grateful to your efforts in allowing access to such world-class teaching.

Dr Anastasia Maw who attended with the group of M Psych Students of UCT, writes:
A heartfelt thank you to both for you for the very kind invitation to Stephen’s workshop, for the reduced rates for us, for welcoming us so warmly, for all the logistics (so much of it I know goes on behind the scenes) you have had to manage to have the event happen, all to allow for a workshop that has been described by my students in the following ways:


It really was a very enriching experience. I hope that we will be able to continue exposing our students to the Narrative model through your pioneering work and that I will continue to be part of that process.