Stephen Madigan’s Workshop January 2014

Advanced Practice in Narrative Therapy Interviewing
Presented by Dr Stephen Madigan, Vancouver School for Narrative Therapy, Canada
The response to Stephen Madigan’s recent teaching in Somerset West has been overwhelming. Some of our colleagues are very experienced narrative practioners who have been taught by Michael White and David Epston in the past. We all felt that Stephen’s take on the work takes us beyond our previous understandings and application of narrative therapy. We feel privileged to be connected with him and will ddefinitelyhave him back soon.
I will attend the Therapeutics Conversations 11 Conference in Vancouver in May 2014 as an investment in my own development and to get to know Stephen’s network of colleagues better. I have included the feedback of participants of the Two Day workshop in Somerset West in January 2014.

Feedback from participants:

What Stephen Madigan has done for me through his workshop has been extraordinary.. He has rekindled in me a passion for and commitment to the activism that is the ppost-structuralistthinking that supports Narrative Therapy. Because of Stephen’s workshop I have have since re-introduced this as a vital part of workshops for people working with children and young people.  The purposeful ways in which Stephen uses language to externalise, to invite people to re-consider.. to open up conversations… have stayed with me, as has his compassion for people who consult with him.  Thank you Stephen.
Thank you Elize for tirelessly working to foster networks of support for the work, and for always making something extraordinary happen.
Thérèse Hulme

Stephen Madigan was a great teacher – considered and thoughtful, teaching from videos of three pieces of work that he had done. I really liked Stephen’s absolute immersion in Narrative theory and practice and how he conveyed that to us with humour and clarity. Overall the workshop was very satisfactory.
Daphne Cooper

The workshop with Stephen was one of the richest and most fully packed that we’ve done – and that is really saying something! I didn’t want it to end.  Working with video material is always helpful – I had seen the first one he used before – but having Stephen there to explain the work and answer questions was wonderful. Of the three videos, the couple work spoke most powerfully to me and has already proved fruitful in terms of what I’ve been able to offer clients.  His way of relating to the group is sweet and warm and I loved his wry Canadian humour. Yet the gentleness of Stephen’s manner belies a very incisive and constant grounding in critical theory. I felt that many things I’ve heard and read before “fell into place” in terms of practical application. His remarks about what happens when narrative approaches are taken out of context as “techniques” are important; in any case, I have noticed that I do learn and retain better when there is a thickly described theoretical backdrop
Sally Davies

My experience of Stephen Madigan’s workshop was that he is a gifted teacher and is able to simplify Michael White and Johnella Bird’s work in practice. I also found his teaching on relational externalisation very helpful.
Mike Witney

Inspiring and refreshing to be encouraged to view the person within their context – social, political and cultural, and not within the narrow confines of a diagnosis. The workshop resonated deeply with my own personal view of people and it was wonderful to witness Stephen work with people, treating all with compassion, dignity and respect.
Dominique Garnett

A very useful workshop.  Stephen has a down to earth and friendly relationship with his audience.  He was unhurried and yet we covered a lot of ground.  The video clips illustrated clearly his method of interviewing and his respectful attitude to clients.  His narrative counselling was strongly informed and supported by the work of White, Epston and others in the NT field.
Sue Nieuwmeyer

I found the workshop inspiring and motivating. I enjoyed  how Stephen wove the theory into practice by showing the DVD’s.  His interactive style of teaching really brought the workshop alive.  The most helpful part is that I have been able to take back what I learned straight back to practice from the first day I was back at work.  I will definitely attend any other workshops he presents.
Janet Bytheway

Stephen Madigan is an excellent teacher.  I so enjoyed watching him work with his clients and then hearing him speak to the theory and philosophy which underpinned the way he does therapy.  I felt that the use of the cases and watching him interview just made the theory come alive for me.  Stephen is so well grounded in Narrative Therapy and the philosophies which form the basis of the work that it was great to hear him weave the theory into the practice.  The 2 day workshop was such a gift.  It was the energy, creative and intellectual injection I needed to start the year.  I know that my clients will benefit from these fresh ideas which I received from Stephen.
Helen Malgas

I found Stephen’s workshop helpful and relevant.  I enjoyed the practical examples and DVD’s of his work done with clients, as his interviewing skills are excellent. I was inspired.
Anelle Naude-Lester

Stephen Madigan’s workshop was a valuable re-connection with Narrative Therapy theory and practice. I left with a renewed sense of hope and possibility for my work and life in general.
Madine Swart

Stephen Madigan’s interactive workshop energised me for my individual work with people and reminded me how powerful yet simple therapeutic narrative practices can collaborate with people to take agency in their lives to move.  The way Stephen kept the position of “not knowing” really challenged me to be aware of my own self-talk and my position during sessions with people and be more honest about that.
Andre Kilian

I want to thank you for organizing the Stephen Madigan Narrative Workshop.  I found his method of using his own videos an extremely useful tool to demonstrate how Narrative works.  He is skilled not only as a therapist which his videos demonstrate but skilled as a teacher, so able to put the contexts, the cultural and the relational nature of couples therapy into words and action. His clarity of communicating the concepts of Narrative was very profound.
Estelle Hudson

A brillant workshop.  Stephan is an excellent presenter who captured my attention for the entire 2 days.  The workshop integrated theory and practice in an accessible way for therapists to learn and apply in their work.  The therapy videos was extremely helpful.  There was also enough time for questions and discussions.  His work and teaching style complemented Elize Morkel’s narrative teaching and supervision groups.
Fiona Chandler

Stephen teaches narrative therapy in a way that brings it to life. His passion, empathy and deep respect for his clients shines through. This workshop has helped clarify and sharpen narrative principles in my therapeutic work as a therapist. Stephen’s teaching helps me to foreground the hopeful and the joyful in my sessions.
Kerry Acheson

Stephen provided a gentle  space which allowed me to remember and reconnect with what I love about this work –  the depth, the  compassion and the creativity of being with another in a powerfully respectful way.
Barbara Gerber