Training at Universities

Part-time lecturer at the Child Guidance Clinic for the Clinical Psychology M-students

I have collaborated with the Child Guidance Clinic where the master students of clinical psychology receive their training since 2005. Each year the master students are introduced to Narrative Therapy in seminars or workshops offered by me.

Seminars and Workshops in the Department of Educational Psychology for the M Ed psych students

I have been involved in teaching and supervising Narrative Therapy practices with the M Ed (psych) students of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch from 1999 – 2011. My involvement with these students who are often connected to a diversity of communities through their work within the Education Department and other institutions concerned with working with children and their families enriched my practice.

Seminars and workshops in the Department of Practical Theology, M Th Clinical Pastoral Care

I have been contracted by the Department of Practical Theology at Stellenbosch University since 2007 to teach a narrative therapy course in the MTh (clinical pastoral care and HIV counselling programmes).

MTh programme in Pastoral Therapy

The Institute for Therapeutic Development (ITD), which was established to offer therapeutic training on a variety of levels and in various contexts, presented courses in pastoral therapy in collaboration with the Department of Practical Theology of the University of South Africa (Unisa). Prof Dirk Kotzé from ITD approached me to assist with the training and supervision of the M Th and D Th students in the Western Cape. In 2000 I started working with the first group of students. Four groups of students had subsequently completed their internships in the Cape. Both my work as a therapist and as a trainer has benefited richly from my association and collaboration with my ITD-colleagues, Prof Dirk Kotzè, Dr Elmarie Kotzè and Dr Johann Roux. The contract that ITD had with Unisa came to an end in December 2006.

The publishing division of ITD, Ethics Alive, has been responsible for the publication of some of the work done by their students and staff members. These publications provide very accessible reading on the application of narrative ideas and practices within the South African context and about the way in which the students take the theoretical ideas to their practices.