Trondheim, Norway June 2007

I consulted at the Family Counselling office in Trondheim on 18 and 19 June 2007. On the first day I worked with two teams of therapists who each brought a client/family for consultation. I consulted with these clients while the teams observed and video recorded the conversations. Afterwards they reflected and discussed with me the ways in which I interviewed the clients and their learnings from observing the work. They also shared reflections and concerns and we were able to discuss these.

On the second day I consulted with a group of counsellors who work in communities around Trondheim. Some of my colleagues at the Trondheim office meet with these counsellors regularly to provide opportunity for supervision and consultation. I was asked to consult with two colleagues about work with families and to do it in such a way that the Trondheim office colleagues could also learn from me as I demonstrate my work in the position of supervisor/consultant.

The problems that I had been presented with were complex and I learnt a lot by attempting to engage with it. I grew in my respect for the work that my colleagues in Norway do at through the Family Counselling office. My own practice is strengthened when I am challenged in these ways and it gives me enormous pleasure to work with others who are skilled and accountable in their practice.

A highlight was the presentation of a cheque for the Butterfly House Project (link to it on the community page, please) by Aud Bjørkås, director of the regional office of Bufetat. Instead of receiving birthday gifts she asked friends and family to make donations towards the Butterfly House project and collected more than R20 000!