Consultation Groups

The narrative therapy consultation groups have been meeting with me since 1998. Colleagues enroll for a year’s supervision and consultation. We meet in groups of between 10 – 15 people for two hours nine months of the year (excluding school holidays). We focus on literature that inform our practice and also make space for the discussion of clinical work. Sometimes we practice skills and witness therapeutic interviews.

Consultation Groups 2017

Three groups are currently meeting on a Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

Discussion of reading (1st hour of each Supervision and Consultation meeting)

This year’s reading focusses on fresh approaches to teaching and learning Narrative Therapy. I had personal exposure to these writers during my attendance of the Therapeutic Conversations Conference in Vancouver in 2016. This is exciting new work that has just been published or is in the process of being published.

I have also included a recently published article which reflects on the latest literature on the ethics that inform Narrative Therapy. I include this article entitled: Haugaard, C. (2016) Narrative therapy as an ethical practice, Journal of Systemic Therapies, 35(1). I will spend two hours in the last two sessions discussing this article. I have therefor applied for 4 CEU’s for these two hours of discussion of ethics.

Supervision of cases and illustration of practice (2nd hour of each meeting)

Like in the past each group member will have a turn to bring cases or research or writing that they are working on for consultation with and reflections from the group. The purpose of this is to research our own practice and to look at the many ways in which narrative therapy can assist us in our work with clients and communities. Colleagues may also choose to bring case work with clients where they feel stuck for supervision in the group. We use various methods to do supervision e.g. brief introduction to the dilemma experienced by the colleague in relation to the client followed by an interview of the colleague by myself or one of the group members about the dilemma’s experienced. We sometimes interview the colleague as the client to explore different kinds of questions and conversations that might open up hopeful alternatives for the colleague in relation to his/her client. There are often discussions around case management in which all of the group members would participate or we would work in small groups to brainstorm ideas regarding management and come back for discussion. I refer colleagues to relevant literature that could inform their work.

Accreditted with 18 General CEU’s and 4 Ethical CEU’s with HPCSA

Awaiting accreditation from SACSSP


2017 Blaauwberg Narrative Study Groups, Janet Bytheway

Janet Bytheway will offer two groups in Blaauwberg in 2017 – a beginners group and also a “next step” group. For more information contact Janet  at

Practice Diaries, Linda Price Hout Bay

Linda Price is an industrial psychologist who offers a journaling process in a small group setting. To find out more, please visit my website:


Participants have commented as follows:

Lynn Dunstan, psychologist
I found the supervison groups were excellent for keeping me “on track” in my work. I would always come away feeling a greater sense of direction and with renewed vigour for meeting the challenges that faced me in private practice. In particular, I noticed that in every meeting I unearthed one or two sparkling gems – sometimes a new way to word a question and at other times, a new way to think about a client’s concerns. This proved invaluable to me.
Cari Corbett Owen, psychologist
Dear Elize over the years, I have found your study groups to be essential training for me as a narrative therapist. In particular I found the many excercises we participated in to be of great value and used them extensively in my work. I have also found many of the metaphors you have used during your study groups to be really helpful ones.
Thérèse Hulme, pastoral therapist
Elize brings her ability to integrate theory with her wealth of experience, in a great spectrum of narrative therapeutic contexts, to the study group. These contexts include her extensive experience of workshops with leading international Narrative therapists as well as her experience as a therapist in individual, family and couple therapy and her dedication to community work. Elize’s passion for the work and for the ethics that sustains it, makes the study group a necessity for me not only for gaining insight, but also for the reflection it provides on the therapeutic process itself. 5 star rating!