One Week Intensive Narrative Therapy Workshop

The one week intensive workshop is an excellent way of introducing as well as re-visiting the basic ideas and practices which inform narrative therapy. In this workshop we make use of exercises, interviews, outsider witness groups, letters and videos to demonstrate and practice skills.

It is a wonderful opportunity to focus on narrative therapy with a limited number of participants and to work with questions as they emerge while sharing ideas of different applications. Participants in the more than 20 workshops conducted in various places in Southern Africa since 2001 have been overwhelming in their response regarding this experience. The groupmembers learn in a relaxed environment within a context of diversity of professions, work contexts as well as cultural & religious backgrounds.

Some of their feedback includes:

Aziza Allie, psychologist
Elize, thank you for the professional manner in which you conducted the w/shop: every day was fully utilized! The cultural diversity of the group, as well as the willingness of the members to share their personal experiences, made it possible for each one to gain maximum benefit and to see Narrative Therapy “in action”.
Steven Veary, psychologist and Anglican priest

I was so privileged to be part of the Narrative Intensive this past week. Thank you once more for inviting me. I learnt so much from you and everyone else. I suppose you hear this a lot from your students, but it really comes from the heart when I say it’s really been a formative experience. Your lifestyle clearly shows me and others that Narrative has for you become a way of life. Your commitment and passion for what you are doing has made a lasting impression on me. In your own way you are making a meaningful contribution in the lives of people like myself and others who spend time with you. I do believe that it will have a “ripple effect”, because there is no way that I can do therapy like before.I’m so glad we touched on the role of spirituality and religion in our work. I don’t think we completely understand the value it has for ourselves and those who work with. Thank you for showing me how important it is to you and that we don’t have to compromise our own beliefs. Spending time with you and the group has been a humbling experience.

Moses Xakwe, psychologist
I feel greatly honoured and privileged to have been part of the Intensive Narrative Therapy Workshop. You have provided me with a safe place, secure and reassuring to tell my story without being judged. Your openness and willingness to share yourself, your house and Narrative approach has touched me immensely in more ways than one and I will explore Narrative Therapy further.
Linda van Duuren, therapist and support teacher

Thank you again for a stunning workshop experience. I think that what you said about the intensive being an experience of its own is so very true. Somehow a lot of new pennies dropped for me…and some old ones were revisited…particularly again the importance of creating community, the importance of transparency, the deconstruction as a lived way of doing, Judy Small’s we’re gonna keep on walking forward, the place for humour, the ok-ness of tears, the deep respect rather than the need for ‘excellence’, men who choose to venture to live this way in preference to the ways offered by overwhelmingly strong discourses that remain alive and well in good old RSA. I am richer in so many ways for this experience.I particularly liked the opportunities for:

  • watching you interview a lot
  • practicing the exercises
  • flexibility in the programme
  • hearing about your community work against stealing

I think that the window that opened for me here was catching a further glimpse of the practice…as you have interpreted that for your life…and how that opens up my head for new ways in which I can interpret my practice.