Child Therapy Workshop

Working with Children: A Narrative Approach

commentThe lively, imaginative and playful ways of consulting with children within the narrative metaphor is discussed, demonstrated and practised in exercises. Community ways of working with children within the South African context are illustrated. Although this workshop is accessible to people who have had no previous exposure to narrative therapy, it needs to be understood that this is a specialized workshop where the focus is on working with children using narrative therapy ideas. In the time available there will be limited explanation of the basic ideas informing narrative therapy.


Feedback received about what Participants found useful:

The playful communication and importance of humour in therapy.
The use of letters – I am going to write to a client immediately.
Involvement of significant others instead of working only with the client.
Externalization of problem: client is not the problem.
Fantastic use of metaphors.
Teaching through stories and examples.
Elize’s informal, but focused approach throughout the workshop.
Appropriate and applicable case studies and the thorough discussion thereof.
The enthusiasm and warmth of the presenter is contagious.
I loved the community project and found this to be very inspiring.
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