Couple Therapy Workshop

Participants need to have a fairly firm understanding of narrative therapy in order to participate in this workshop. The focus is on some of the practices and ideas from narrative therapy that have been found useful in working with couples who find themselves in committed relationships where problems are undermining the hopes and joys that they had for their relationships. Many of the ideas are also extremely useful in working with other relationship problems.

Comments from participants about the value of this workshop:

It was valuable to see you doing the work in the couple interview. It is a brave way to teach and I greatly appreciate it. The interaction between you and the participants gives lots of space for discussion. The way in which you refer back to practical examples to illustrate the theory is very useful.
The practical demonstrations where we experienced the theory as opposed to talking about it.
The structuring of the theory gave me a good grounding and the examples illustrated this. The examples of questions to ask couples throughout the workshop were very useful and exciting as I could see how it opens up new possibilities.
I learned how to stand with the individuals in the relationship against the problems in the relationship, and to ask questions about that. It was important for me to see the distinction made between values and the way these are practiced.

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