One Week Intensive Narrative Therapy Workshop

The one week intensive workshop is an excellent way of introducing as well as re-visiting the basic ideas and practices which inform narrative therapy. In this workshop we make use of exercises, interviews, outsider witness groups, letters and videos to demonstrate and practice skills.

It is a wonderful opportunity to focus on narrative therapy with a limited number of participants and to work with questions as they emerge while sharing ideas of different applications. Participants in the more than 20 workshops conducted in various places in Southern Africa since 2001 have been overwhelming in their response regarding this experience. The groupmembers learn in a relaxed environment within a context of diversity of professions, work contexts as well as cultural & religious backgrounds.

Feedback from November 2021 group:

Moving between theory, critical discussion and reflection, practical exercises and reflections made this a wonderful learning experience. Your interactive approach and openness throughout the workshop was appreciated. BEAUTIFUL VENUE! It allowed for intimacy and engagement within the group. Your poststructuralist stance and active involvement in community work inspired me and resonated with me. Thank you for reminding me of my role as a psychologist and activist.

 Thank you for an enriching experience, both personally and professionally. And for advocating this work. It fits beautifully into the couching domain and it has a beautifully tentative, yet skilled way of generating progress with compassion.

Not only was the workshop thought-provoking, but it made me question a lot of things in my own life and the discourses which shaped me as a person. It also highlighted a few aspects that I need to address in my own personal growth. Overall it was an enriching experience.

Elize, your relaxed, authentic way of facilitation is excellent. I enjoyed the observation of you in the therapeutic context a lot – very valuable learning. Excellent workshop.

I enjoyed the small group and the trust and intimacy it created. I enjoyed learning the practical work and I feel that I am learning with a good introduction and grounding. Elize’s relaxed but professional manner made the learning easy and created a safe space to ask questions and share experiences. I feel attracted to this way of working as it fits with my values system and outlook.


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