Intensive Workshop (Level 2)

Intensive Narrative Therapy Workshop (Level 2)

This training activity is aimed at practitioners who have been focussing on narrative practices for a while and who interested in a few days of couching, supervision, skills development and witnessing as well as being witnessed by others in their work. The format is a group of 6 therapists meeting for 3 days and on each day two participants bring work along that they want to focus on for consultation with me and the group. We make use of transcripts/audio/video tapes of interviews with clients, live interviews, letters, being interviewed as a client or being interviewed about parts of the participants life and/or work that she or he might want to explore or reflect on. There is much opportunity for celebration of success as well as being joined and supported in the struggles that often form part of therapists’ lives. It is hoped that through sharing and reflections participants find their skills sharpened and their joy in their work significantly deepened.

Some of the reflections of the participants:

Thérèse Hulme
The level 2 Intensive provided me with the safe space to experiment with and to get feedback on narrative ideas and practices in training. Our conversations also provided a vital refocussing experience for me in terms of the stance I take when working narratively in a community context. I also experienced in the group an eagerness to learn, to share and to make new discoveries in the work. What a joy to experience being joined by others in this way!
Barbara Gerber
Dear Elize thank you once again for creating and facilitating a safe space in which we can be challenged, acknowledged and feel free to laugh and cry.
Kate Armstrong
Thank you Elize for facilitating the workshop with such care and expertise and in doing so creating a truly safe place to explore our work and challenge ourselves. To put our work “on the table” for examination, to “shed light on our work” and assist us in our quest to be respectful and useful to our clients. Many other workshops feel disconnected from what actually happens in the therapy room. For me this was an integration of narrative practices with how I work in my space. Thank you for this.
Estelle Raymond
Dit was vir my ook baie lekker om die helende krag en die gesamenlike energie wat ‘n groep kan skep, te ervaar. Dankie dat jy dit moontlik gemaak het en gekeer het dat ons op ons eie individuele paadjies afdwaal en gefokus bly op dit waarmee die groep besig is. Dit voel vir my asof ek van elke lid van die groep ‘n klomp geskenke gekry het wat ek steeds met my saamdra en elke dag oor dink. Ek dink dit was dalk vanwee die formaat van die workshop en die (onuitgesproke?) assumpsie onderliggend dat dit wat ons elkeen na die Intensive toe bring die leer-materiaal is en dat dit genoeg is en dat dit waardevol is. Wat ek probeer sê, is dat ek ervaar het dat jy as teacher nie die waarde van die teaching eksklusief gesien het in jou kommentaar op die werk nie – maar in die werk self en ons ‘meaning-making’ daaruit.
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