Introduction to Narrative Therapy Workshop

Two Day Introduction Workshop

In this two-day workshop, participants are introduced to the narrative metaphor. The most important theoretical ideas informing narrative therapy are discussed. Through the use of exercises participants are introduced to some of the practices and skills that form part of this approach to therapy. Case examples are used to illustrate the application of narrative ideas in therapeutic work. Literature is discussed and made available for those who would like to read more. Participation in this workshop could serve as preparation to attending study groups or workshops presented by local and overseas trainers.

Participants comment about what they found valuable in the workshop:

The way in which theory, philosophical under-pinning and application in practice have been inter-woven was very useful. The examples you shared from clinical work were very special and moving, especially the way in which you presented it
The integration of case material, letters etc.
The generation of hope and energy…
the interactive nature of the presentation…
You have truly inspired me through this opportunity
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