About the workshops

I have developed various workshops which I have presented in a diversity of locations and contexts in Southern Africa. The format of these workshops can be adapted according to the needs of the institutions that request training. Various combinations of topics and lengths of workshops are possible. I also schedule workshops on my training program each year. These workshops take place mainly in Somerset West where I have my practice.

Two training activities that I repeat in Somerset West each year are the consultation groups and the one week intensive workshops. You will find more information by going to the page allocated for each of these. More information about the content, the dates and registration are available on the Events page under upcoming events.

In the years that I sponsor the workshops of overseas colleagues or when we host a conference I keep my personal training events to a minimum in order to gather optimal support for these events.

Organizations and training institutions from all over South Africa contact me on a regular basis for training and I schedule and model these according to the needs and requests.

The scheduled training on my program is aimed at fulfilling the needs of professional people in the field of counselling and therapy. Participants are mostly from the fields of psychology, social work, psychiatry and pastoral care. I request of participants to fill out their academic qualifications as well as their professional affiliations in order to assess whether they will fit with the criteria that I set for participation.

I apply for CPD accreditation with the HPCSA and SACSSP for all activities that I offer. All of my training has received accreditation in the past.