Supervision Days

( CPD for Psychologists: 6 CEU’s )I schedule days throughout the year where colleagues come in groups of three to spend the day with me in consultation about their work. Colleagues will each be allocated a part of the day for focusing on their work. I supervise their therapeutic work, do skills development and coaching […]

Intensive 2

Intensive Workshop (Level 2) Intensive Narrative Therapy Workshop (Level 2) This training activity is aimed at practitioners who have been focussing on narrative practices for a while and who interested in a few days of couching, supervision, skills development and witnessing as well as being witnessed by others in their work. The format is a […]

Intensive 1

Intensive Workshop (Level 1) ( CPD for Psychologists: 30 CEU’s ) One Week Intensive Narrative Therapy Workshop (Level 1) The one week intensive workshop is an excellent way of introducing as well as re-visiting the basic ideas and practices which inform narrative therapy. In this workshop we make use of exercises, interviews, outsider witness groups, […]

Community & Trauma Work

Community & Trauma Work ( CPD for Psychologists: 12 CEU’s ) A Narrative Approach to Community and Trauma Work In this two day workshop, we look at the challenges facing a therapist when working within a context of cultural diversity. We explore the effect of thin descriptions on the lives of therapists and clients. Respectful […]

Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy Workshop ( CPD for Psychologists: 12 CEU’s ) Using Narrative Ways of Working Participants need to have a fairly firm understanding of narrative therapy in order to participate in this workshop. The focus is on some of the practices and ideas from narrative therapy that have been found useful in working with couples […]

Family Therapy

Family Therapy Workshop ( CPD for Psychologists: 12 CEU’s )In this two-day workshop I focus on the ways in which we consult with families. Often when we consult with children and adolescents we include their family members in the therapy. This is not always so easy to do. Families might also consult with us when […]

Child Therapy Workshop

Working with Children: A Narrative Approach The lively, imaginative and playful ways of consulting with children within the narrative metaphor is discussed, demonstrated and practised in exercises. Community ways of working with children within the South African context are illustrated. Although this workshop is accessible to people who have had no previous exposure to narrative […]

Introduction to Narrative Therapy Workshop

Two Day Introduction Workshop In this two-day workshop, participants are introduced to the narrative metaphor. The most important theoretical ideas informing narrative therapy are discussed. Through the use of exercises participants are introduced to some of the practices and skills that form part of this approach to therapy. Case examples are used to illustrate the […]

Workshops for Visitors to South Africa

Four Day Workshop for Group of Family Therapists from Trondheim, Norway In October 2005 a group of 19 therapists from The Norwegian Church’s Family Counselling Agency in Trondheim, Norway attended a four day workshop with me. This trip to South Africa and workshop in Cape Town was initiated and organised by Anthony Hawke, a clinical […]

International Trainers Workshop

As part of my commitment to offer training in therapeutic skills, I have been hosting workshops for international therapists and trainers in the Western Cape since 1999. I have assisted ITD in organizing and hosting the workshops of international presenters like David Epston (1999 & 2002), Kaethe Weingarten (2002) and Michael White (2003) in the […]